Multiplier Event Recap from Hungary

On October 26th, our Hungarian project partner, Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (CTRIA) had a great INFO DAY, where minds and visions united for a transformative cause.

This enlightening event, orchestrated with the support of Mezőföld Helyi Közösség Egyesület (Mezőföld Local Community Association).

A vibrant mix of participants, including enterprising locals, government representatives, tourism-related entrepreneurs and producers and curious individuals from neighboring regions, enriched the discussions.

The sessions delved into the details of the project, showcasing innovative strategies like the online HUB, designed for collaborative contributions. Participants ventured into the e-learning curriculum’s depths, providing a sneak-peek into an array of insightful modules.

The interactive segments, particularly the hands-on workshop on the online evaluation tool, were the showstoppers, sparking constructive dialogues.

In reflection, the enthusiasm for the project’s resources was palpable in the room. Participants commended the practical insights offered through the e-learning materials and the user-friendly nature of the HUB. While the desire for more localized language options was noted, the overall feedback resoundingly echoed appreciation and optimism.

Together, we’re not just promoting tourism; we’re nurturing a community that thrives on sustainability, collaboration, and shared success.

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