Clean energies in sustainable tourism

The tourism sector depends heavily on energy, and almost all it uses is derived from fossil fuels. Worldwide, tourism is responsible for 5% of CO2 emissions created by man. Some of the main advantages of consuming energy from clean sources are:

  • The direct economic savings for the company
  • The reduction of storage and supply problems
  • The reduction of the probability of suffering dangerous accidents

67% of the travelers who value ecological practices would take into consideration the use of solar energy in a lodging accommodation when choosing it. Currently, tourist establishments are already applying ecological measures to achieve a reduction in energy costs.
The tourism sector runs the risk of constituting a “dirty sector” in the future compared to other sectors that are already moving towards cleaner energies, mainly due to the aviation’s dependence on fossil fuels. For this reason, the travel industry should strive to reduce its environmental and socially damaging effects, thus responding to the demands of a new profile of more responsible and aware tourists.


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