Exciting News from Slovenia

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a captivating multiplier event in the Heart of Slovenia, organized by our partner on the RE-CONNECT project, the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia. Their journey began in Litija, Slovenia, where the RE-CONNECT project was unveiled, along with the crisis plan for their tourism destination.

Next, they embarked on an adventure to Graz, Austria, exploring the city’s innovative approach to sustainability. From the iconic Murinsel bridge to the unique Kunsthaus museum, they immersed themselves in Graz’s vibrant culture and embraced their delicious local treats.

In Graz, they were introduced to the Graz Tourist Information Centre (TIC Graz) and their commitment to sustainable tourism. In the afternoon, their journey led them to Hillebrand farm, a rural tourism provider that has been captivating visitors for decades with their commitment to sustainability.

But that’s not all! The highlight of the event was the introduction to the RE-CONNECT Circular Tourism Collaborative Hub.

This collaborative hub offers a wide array of tools, including idea sharing, a circular tourism forum, an evaluation pool for sustainable tourism, and a co-creation guide for tourism projects. It’s a one-stop platform for the future of sustainable tourism.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights, fostering sustainable tourism practices in this picturesque region.

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