Multiplier events in Lithuania

The Re-connect project held three successful multiplier events in Lithuania, attracting a diverse
group of participants and fostering fruitful discussions about digital inclusion and circular economy.
The events saw an encouraging turnout with 17 attendees at the first event, 10 at the second, and
14 at the third, totaling 41 participants across all events.

The participants were a mix of business individuals, members of the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce,
as well as local and foreign students and lecturers from the tourism study program at Vilnius
University of Applied Sciences. This diverse representation of stakeholders resulted in a rich
exchange of views and insights, reflecting the varied interests and perspectives within the sector.
Regarding the implementation of the planned program, Efektas Group stakeholders were invited to
participate through an open call. The invitation extended to all who were interested in learning
about the project outcomes, networking for future projects, and collaborating in initiatives that
promote digital inclusion and circular economy principles.

The events provided a platform for participants to learn about concepts they had not previously
encountered, such as the circular economy and community-based tourism. Participants found the
project platform useful and relevant, despite some facing challenges due to their digital literacy

During the discussions, participants highlighted the difficulties in finding suitable partners for their
businesses to implement circular economy principles. This feedback spurred a brainstorming
process, where participants shared ideas on how the project could be further developed, improved,
and tailored to address the needs of tourism providers and stakeholders.

The concept of the co-creation method was met with keen interest, with some participants
considering its application in their personal and professional contexts. They were also intrigued by
the idea of forming focus groups to delve deeper into this approach.

The online training program, while initially overwhelming to some, was deemed manageable with a
considerable investment of time and effort. Participants acknowledged the importance of
continuous learning and application, reinforcing the project’s emphasis on building digital skills and
knowledge for the sector.

In summary, the multiplier events held in Lithuania were a crucial part of the Re-connect project.
They successfully engaged a broad spectrum of stakeholders, facilitated knowledge sharing, and
encouraged collaborative problem-solving, thereby highlighting the potential of digital inclusion and
circular economy principles in the tourism sector.

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