Online evaulation pool of sustainable tourism offer


Online evaluation pool of sustainable tourism offers

Evaluate online your sustainable tourism offer and find out what you might need to improve on.

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Based on your project idea, have you already defined the target group to which you address your offer?

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Are the services you proposed accessible also through digital tools? (web page, geolocation, online information about services and the structure)

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Have you clearly identified all the services and supplies you need to develop your idea of sustainable tourism?

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What measures are foreseen on waste? Have you planned a waste sorting and recycling system?

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Sustainability also means reducing CO2 emissions. Based on your ideas, have you envisioned an energy self-production system?

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To ensure that tourists can reach your services taking into account the reduction of pollution risks, have you planned a sustainable logistics service for the reduction of CO2 emissions? (Walking, Horseback riding, bicycle (standard, electric, pedal assisted etc. etc.), Use of micromobility vehicles (electric scooters, segways, hoverboards), Public transport, car sharing, car pool, support mobility)

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Does your project idea involve activities aimed at enhancing and rediscovering local culture and traditions?

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Overtourism is a grave challenge that is harming the entire tourism industry, therefore it is important to provide for the maintenance of a maximum number of tourists for the prevention of the local environment and culture, as well as the well-being of the tourist. Does your plan also take this important aspect into account?

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Does your service also involve the local inhabitants in activities aimed at the development and expansion of the circular economy?

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Does your idea of sustainability take into account the investments of the proceeds in socially useful activities? (charity to local bodies or associations, health, infrastructure, environmental education activities, etc.)

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