Waste in tourism

The issue of waste and the impact of tourism on its production are two closely related topics. In an environment, both natural and urban, the impact of standard (not responsible) tourism can lead to several important, negative issues from an environmental, economic and socio-cultural point of view. One of these consequences is incorrect and uncontrolled waste disposal, which causes:

  • Subsoil pollution;
  • Surface water pollution;
  • Air pollution;
  • Alterations in the balance of natural life;
  • Aesthetic-landscape pollution.

The issue of waste in tourist sites is then addressed with the ultimate goal of supporting policy makers in defining effective and innovative waste management strategies, aimed at reducing its production and improving its management. The goal is to move on an operational axis, the pivot of which is represented by a community of practice, a spontaneous and voluntary place of participation that involves citizens and local actors operating in the waste management, tourism and associations.

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